Trident’s Reputation

Trident Manufacturing is proud of the reputation it has developed as a high quality-conscious manufacturer whose self-imposed performance standards exceed the specification requirements of its customers. The company’s Quality System is at the core of our culture and guides our actions in every aspect of our business. We maintain a Quality Management System (QMS) that complies with the requirements of ISO-13485, while also being FDA Registered.


Trident Manufacturing is known for providing 100% accountability in every process. Through sterilization and control, Trident Manufacturing ensures each product can be traced back to its originating source, whether that source is a component, material, or machine.

Quality Control’s sophisticated testing equipment is the latest in state-of-the-art quality assurance. It includes coordinate measuring equipment, video comparators, and a computerized statistical process control system offering a comprehensive real time analysis of process capabilities.

Even at high manufacturing volumes, our robust quality processes continue to demonstrate the ability to deliver best-in-class quality products that meet the increasing demands of today’s medical and healthcare standards.

Committed Improvement

Trident Manufacturing is committed to continuous improvement in all facets of its business. Therefore, it is the company’s policy to provide the resources necessary to successfully meet the company standard of providing its customers with zero defects.

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